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Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy. RST Cleaning Solutions Is The World’s Only Cost-Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to produce more energy.

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RST CleanTech

Our Cleaning Solution

RST CleanTech is the most cost-efficient solution to solar panel soiling in the market today. Our system cleans every week increasing productivity and protecting your warranty.


Our Cleaning Solution

The RST Cleantech Solution is an automated solar panel cleaning system designed to increase solar energy production and preserve your panel warranty. The system uses filtering technologies and advanced water engineering to treat water scaling and corrosion found in water sources around the world. It is designed and developed in accordance with the solar panel manufacturers’ warranties and maintenance guidelines – and it is one of the only solar panel cleaning systems in the world that is completely green. We don't add chemicals and avoid all chemical byproducts.

#1: Cleans Every Week

Warranties require panel cleaning at least once or twice a year, and although that may be sufficient to keep your warranty valid, it barely reduces losses from soiling. Our system rinses your panels every week, keeping them clean at all times – and thus increasing their energy production up to 30%.

#2: Warranty Compliant

Our technology is designed to comply with all solar panel manufacturer standards and requirements. Cleaning takes place at night to avoid thermal stresses to the module glass which can void the panel warranty. Our hardware is connected through a series of patented clips eliminating any need for drilling or glue. Our solution will NOT void your manufacturer’s warranty!

#3: Safe and Efficient

Distributes purified water through an automated system – reducing labor safety hazards and damage to rooftops. Virtually no upkeep. We do not use chemicals or abrasive brushes and the filter only needs to be replaced once a year – no soap refills. Our proprietary purifying system treats any local water source (hard, soft, grey) down to safe and negligible levels of lime scale.

Increases Production

Minimize soiling losses through weekly cleaning. Improve your solar production significantly.


The system is fully automated – no more people on roofs or property.


Our patented system is based on tried and tested drip irrigation technology – almost no moving parts.

Protects Warranties

Soft, pure water cleans at night to avoid thermal stress on panels. No chemicals, abrasives or high pressure.

Proven Technology

Launched in 2011 and now installed on more than 2,000 projects worldwide.

Remotely Controlled

Soft, pure water cleans at night to avoid thermal stress on panels. No chemicals, abrasives or high pressure.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

Read more about what you need to do in order to stay warranty compliant.

Solar panels being cleaned with RST


RST technology is fully automated and requires virtually no maintenance – the system runs off of water pressure and has almost no moving parts. Every system is custom-made to fit the solar panels’ position and accommodate the changing seasons as well as the requirements of the owner. Since the system is automatic, there is no need for manual cleaners or people on your property, thus reducing your liability and the need for scheduling appointments.


The RST CleanTech Solution can be controlled manually or via the RST app. The RST app allows users to schedule operating times and frequencies of cleanings in advance.
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Doing nothing is costing you money. You could have a system that produces up to 30% more energy! Let us show you how we can help save you money.