The RST Promise

Your solar panels could be producing up to 30% more energy. RST Cleaning Solutions Is The World’s Only Cost-Effective Automated Solar Panel Cleaning. Contact us today to produce more energy.

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RST CleanTech

Installers / Dealers

Include the RST CleanTech Solution in your offers and give your customers extra value for their money.


Get the competitive advantage with RST.

RST provides installers with a new service and/or product for their clients that improves overall project financials. Solar is not just about permitting and installing. It is about operating for 20 to 25 years. Provide your customers with a long-term relationship with RST – and separate your offering from the competition.

For new installations

It seems that every potential customer gets five bids these days. Give them a reason to look at your bid more closely. RST technology improves project financials – and what customer doesn’t want that?   

  1. Install RST with the solar array. Training takes less than a day and RST is set up to support installers with any questions during working hours.
  2. Give your customers 25 years of cleaning at an ITC discount! If RST is installed the same tax year as the solar array, most CPAs consider it ITC eligible.
  3. Offer RST as part of an after-installation add-on to keep the relationship going.
  4. Offer an O&M service under long-term contracts and finance RST for your customers.
  5. For residential customers, the filter and two AA batteries need replacing every year. You can send these items through the mail – or use it as an opportunity to check in.   

For retrofits

All your existing customers have additional value. Use RST to maximize your revenue:

  1. Have a customer that is upset about high true-up bills? It may be because soiling was higher than expected. RST is a cost-effective solution that is less $/W than adding more solar panels. Be the hero.
  2. Check back in with existing customers and make sure they know you are looking out for them. RST improves their project returns and makes the panels on their house look clean and well-kept. And while you’re add it, ask them to write that review they haven’t posted yet.
  3. Want to get in the O&M business? Offer RST and keep overhead and liability insurance costs low.
  4. Crew lost half a day for some reason? Fill in lost time with short RST installs to keep your crews happy and productive.

We Make you Look Good.

A product is only as good as its reputation. RST aims to be the best at what we do. A big part of our reputation is our training and customer support. Installers will require a short training via webinar or video to ensure efficient installations and warranty compliance.

But that can’t cover everything. There will always be something unexpected in the field. That’s why RST has personnel dedicated to answering questions while you are out in the field. When you look good, we all look good.

Produce More Energy

Get the
RST Solution

Doing nothing is costing you money. You could have a system that produces up to 30% more energy! Let us show you how we can help save you money.